Agency services

Real estate agency Bon Villa D'Or has a decade of experience with the Spanish property, offers its clients a full range of professional services in this area. Our experts will help you decide on the region selected and inexpensive to buy any type of real estate on the coast (residential or commercial areas). Bon Villa D'Or provides services to its customers for the purchase of real estate "turnkey": we take on the responsibility for the selection of optimum matching objects on your individual requirements, arrange your trip to Spain, viewing property, we provide comprehensive legal support to the sales transaction .

Selection of houses

Selling real estate in Spain is a specialization of our company. We offer a large selection of residential and commercial applications. Our experts will easily pick up for You an economical, medium or truly luxury properties in Spain.

An advice on buying property

Are you interested in the legal issues of acquisition and maintenance of property in Spain and want to avoid problems on buying a home? You need to know how exactly to perform tax liabilities arising from the acquisition and ownership of property in Spain? On these and other questions, you can get an answer from the Russian-speaking lawyer specializing in the support of real estate in Spain.

Sale of real estate and land

We offer our clients a full range of services. Our experts will organize special tours for selection of real estate, and after the sale of property will help in adapting to the new location. Also we will inform you on the prices of rent, according to Spanish law.

Buying property and land

We have been working on the Spanish property market, so thoroughly studied all the necessary legislations and market characteristics of the country. Our qualified staff will help you to avoid any possible troubles with buying property in a foreign country.

Rental Property

Comprehensive analysis of the market, careful selection of the property for all your requirements, site visits with the manager and interpreter, legal support purchase and sale, opening a bank account, registration / re-registration of the mortgage, receipt, analysis and debt burdens.

After sales service

If you have found an interesting real estate, and only one step away from purchase deed, then this option is for you. Interpreter from our company will take you to your chosen property and will find out all the details of the transaction, translating your dialogue with the current owners onto russian language. This will facilitate your communication with Spanish sellers, save time and avoid mistakes from not knowing foreign language.

Legal support of transactions

Due to the increasing influx of cleints wishing to take possession of the Spanish real estate, spanish goverment has increased the level of fiscal institutions to control foreigners opening or re-opening bank accounts. Therefore, opening a bank account in Spain for visitors is not a simple matter. To avoid trouble and delays, we suggest you use the experience of professional consultants from our company and with our help choose the most suitable bank for your future transactions in Spain.


If you want to know for sure all the details about the fate of a particular real estate what it had been though in the past, the archive from the Register of The property will give you a complete answer to any question. Getting this document will require some effort, money and time. If you wish to get one, please refer to our company where we will help you, in a matter of days, with this task.

Organization of inspection tours

A short-term rental of a property is considered a period of 1 day up to 3 months. You can lease apartments in the city, villas, beach houses, shopping area, land for the summer season, etc. This service is available throughout Spain, we will check and assist you to get a contract at any point in Spain.

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